Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank you for firing me: How to catch the next wave of success after you lose your job

by Kitty Martini and Candice Reed

You need to accept this book on two levels: First, it is an entertaining, fun read.  Second, it is crammed full of interesting, sometimes unusual, ideas designed to spark your imagination and creativity.

I found the book truly fascinating, engaging, and, yes, entertaining.  Remember that Kitty Martini “is a prolific writer, entrepreneur, stand-up comedian, and expert on being fired,” according to the back of the book.  How did the book become so entertaining?  She’s a comedian!!!!!  Candice Reed’s compliment to Kitty reads like this: “Without Kitty and her unique attitude and approach to life this book may never have been born.  Her dry wit and crazy stories are greatly appreciated and well suited to a writer such as myself. . .” (p. vi).

I like the layout of this book.  There are 15 ten-to-twelve page chapters that all begin with a slightly humorous quotations.  The sections within chapters are brief, there are numerous bullet-pointed comments, suggestions, and ideas, additional gray boxes are interspersed throughout chapters that carry “Consider This” ideas (stories, examples, illustrations, research findings, and interesting tidbits), there are a plethora of examples, numerous italicized quotations break up the content, and the additional resources are outstanding.  Overall, it reads well.

The reviewers, for the most part, also like the book.  For example, Caroline Yarnall, of Eastsound, Washington, writes, “I have recommended this book to many of my friends who are without jobs now. A very inspiring book of great ideas and references for those who want to work and be their own boss, which is not easy right now in our economy. I, too, have read it, and it almost makes me want to start up my own little business at home. Good job! Thanks....”

Joke Queen, from Los Angeles, writes in her review: “I bought Thank You For Firing Me for a friend who recently got downsized--to cheer her up and giver her some hope. I started reading it, and couldn't put it down. The authors thought of every possible type of worker and life situation, not just the usual info. There were ideas for everyone from office workers to welders to artists and stay at home parents. After reading the book, my friend was able to boost her income getting paid by the minute as a customer service rep for a huge company that outsources to people who work from home. That was just one of tons of resources they listed and ways to survive while you're in a career or job transition. Great book!! I also liked that it was entertaining, as well as informative and resourceful.”

This book is available at Thank you for firing me!  How to catch the next wave of success after you lose your job

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