Monday, April 4, 2011

The End of Work as You Know It

By Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell

The eight strategies are share expertise, initiate change, demand autonomy, create meaning, spark creativity, seize recognition, maintain balance, and build legacy.

The book is published by Ten Speed Press which is the publisher of the annually revised book , What Color Is Your Parachute?, which is the “number one job-hunting book of all time.”  Why mention this?  Ten Speed Press has a solid reputation to maintain; thus, it is unlikely (or certainly less likely) they will publish a weak book.

This 119-page book doesn’t offer ground-breaking insights and revelations; however, it is solid material that makes good sense — common sense.  Each chapter begins with a short situation that becomes a success story, then the authors quickly get to the point in each of the 13-14-page chapters, and the authors offer practical suggestions and ideas for how to have a similar success in your (the reader’s) own life.

There are no notes, and the resources are simply additional related resources that can be consulted.

This book is available at The end of work as you know it: 8 strategies to redefine work on your own terms

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