Monday, May 30, 2011

Click: The magic of instant connections

Click: The magic of instant connections
By Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman

Book review by Richard L. Weaver II, Ph.D.

The stories the Brafmans tell, the conversational language used, and the effective way they incorporate research findings and studies, make this a compelling read.  The only problem I see is that some readers may find that much of what they write about is common sense.  That doesn’t discredit the information nor does it detract from the quality or worth of the book; most people need to have this kind of substance to reinforce and underscore what they already know and practice.  There is nothing wrong with material that shores up and bolsters us in the ways we think and behave.

Having written a best-selling college textbook on interpersonal communication (my book, Understanding Interpersonal Communication, went through 7 editions), I can tell you that the information the Brafman’s offer is “right on.”  What the Brafmans add to any material on the subject is numerous examples that bring the information to life and add power and zeal to it.

If you’re just looking for an interesting, short (192-pages), and useful book that will occupy you for a couple of hours, this is a good selection.  You’ll lose nothing but a couple of hours, and it may be that you will have your behavior reinforced, your skill sets enhanced, and your overall ability to connect with others strengthened.  Nothing wrong with that!

This book is available at Click: The magic of instant connections

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