Monday, January 25, 2010

Book Club... And Then Some!

Book Club... And Then Some!
Staff Writer - Anthony Weaver

Every Monday we review two books that are available at Our reviews begin here on Monday February 1, 2010. The reviews will begin again on Monday February 1, 2010 with special reviews of Civilian in an Ill-fitting Uniform: A World War II Memoir by Edgar E. Willis.

Through our reading, researching, and writing, And Then Some Publishing (and our extended family of readers) mine volumes of books representing a wide variety of tastes. What's great is these books aren't going to cost you a fortune. The majority of our books can be bought for under $15! We have plenty of great books with reviews you can trust. Now, I call that reading...And Then Some!

Interested in taking a sneak peak at what's ahead? Read our previous reviews: Just use the Blog Archive in the right column and click on any Book Review Monday post. And don't worry... all reviews will still be posted on the And Then Some Works blog every Monday.

Also visit our website The website is being redesigned and the changes are coming soon... stay tuned!

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